Everyone is Different. 

Which means that some just can't wear LipSense as long as others, like my mum who takes a low dose of Thyroid medication. Our  pH changes with some prescriptions like Thyroid or Blood Pressure for example. And then, there are those of us that are dehydrated or have a hormone change going on. Stress, lack of sleep, constant eating of especially foods that have oil and vinegar and a high acid content can show wear on your lip color. Regular Cannibus use can also alter our pH as well and alcohol dehydrates our bodies. 

The Delivery System in LipSense is SD40 alcohol, way above cosmetic grade alcohol, and it dissipates quickly. However, some people who are very sensitive to smells cannot wear LipSense.  I know of a lot of Lip Balm Addicts too... It doesn't matter if it's Carmex, EOS, Chapstick or the like, use of these products will interfere with the full capabilities of LipSense Lip colors.  Try just using one of our Shea Butter Glosses or one of our Lip Volumizers at bedtime instead and you'll soon kick your habit and will see beautiful, soft, plump lips quickly.  And after using LipSense and our gloss for a few days, don't be surprised if you wake up to lips that are exfoliating that dead, outer layer that's been hanging around for years, yay!

LipSense is Patented color technology and has been created to "go with" our Companion Shea Butter Glossers. If you use another brand of gloss with LipSense,  it will not keep your lip color on and your lips may feel dry. Many gloss products have Glycerin in it, which will actually remove the lip color.

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Lips Must be Clean & Dry before application.

I recommend three (3) Layers of LipSense with occasional applications of our Companion Shea Butter Gloss throughout the day. Once your lips "Get Happy" with LipSense and our gloss, you'll find that you won't need to use the gloss as often. Why three coats of LipSense? The first layer is on your skin and your body naturally begins to break it down. The final, third layer is being assaulted by our daily grind: Free radicals, bacteria, food/drink, pollution. The second layer, sandwiched in the middle is protected so the 3-layer method seems to work best! Makes sense, right?  Please don't get caught up in what "looks" like a big pain.. it's not! Be light about it, here you go:

Step 1: SHAKE your LipSense Tube to thoroughly mix the delivery system (SD40) and pigments together.

Step 2: Open your mouth and smile slightly to get a smooth surface and swipe the applicator across your top and bottom lips starting from one side and gliding to the other. DO NOT go back and forth, just press and swipe! DO NOT SMACK YOUR LIPS (think of "painting" the color on). The first layer of color dries quickly. NOTE: You may feel a tingling during application - this is because your lips are DRY and the SD40 is getting into the cracks/fissures of your lips. As soon as you apply your gloss and with regular use, this symptom will disappear. Try applying your Shea Butter Gloss only at bedtime to help your lips be happy because the shea butter will help to increase moisture!

Step 3 & 4: Swipe your second and third layer of LipSense allowing it to dry in between coats (literally seconds). 

Step 5: Seal the Deal with a Companion Shea Butter Gloss (we have several choices). This application will be sticky at first but will settle down shortly -- it actually "cures" the lip color.

Be sure to apply OUR Shea Butter Gloss Occasionally throughout the day, especially if you are a new user of LipSense. I like to apply gloss as soon as I feel dry, before meals and after. You should not have to reapply color after the first application of the day. I apply color early in the morning and it's still on when I go to bed. Yes, Really. And if you're thinking, "I don't need to buy a gloss.. I have tons of them!". You will be sadly disappointed and I cannot guarantee your purchase. Sorry xx

My fav gloss?  SAND Gloss.. not too glossy, not too Matte. My Second Fav?  Pearl. Both are very moisturizing. xx


We Guarantee Happy & Pretty