Zero animal testing. As a
matter of fact, the Creator is
so adamant about the cruelty of animal testing, she won't even consider selling to or offering distributorships in countries that perform animal testing of any shape or form. Now that's Integrity! 

LipSense is Also Kosher-Certified and

 Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Courtney Cox and many other famous celebrities wear LipSense and have for years because they know that there's absolutely nothing like it for long-lasting lipcolor - nothing!

 LipSense Doesn't Budge and Will Not Dry Out Your Lips like other "long-lasting" lipsticks  It's made in the USA and its Patented Color Technology allows for all-day and all-night lip color just as long as you use one of Our Companion Shea Butter Glosses. You'll never have dry lips, no crumbling, no fading, no feathering or bleeding Guaranteed 100%

Ready to Order? Don't forget to Select a Companion Glosser!














Once you try LipSense, you'll never go back to traditional waxy lipstick that comes off within minutes of purchase. This is not like other "long-lasting lipcolor" that ends up peeling or crumbling and drying out your lips!   I Guarantee your 100% satisfaction whenever you purchase a LipSense and use it with one of our Patented Shea Butter companion glosses.   There is truly nothing like LipSense! 
LipSense® is a Unique, Patented, long lasting kiss-proof lip color unlike anything you've ever heard about or tried! It's been around since 1999 and is Made in the USA in a strict, bacteria-free, cGmp complaint manufacturing facility located here in Sunny Southern California. Used by many celebrity Makeup Artists, their clients and customers from  around the globe because it stays on from 4 to 18 hours!

Ready to Order?

LipSense is not a lip stain
. It's a liquid lip color that can be used alone or layered with any of our other 50+ shades (yes, over fifty) to create a custom color to match your mood or your outfit. When topped with one of our companion Shea Butter Glosses, your color will last all day or all night and your lips will stay moist, Guaranteed 100%.

LipSense won't feather, fade or bleed, it won't crumble or peel,  and it provides a 100% mechanical shield to protect your pretty pout from the wind, sun, bacteria, free radicals and pollution indoors and out. We also offer compatible lip liners.
ipSense will not dry out your lips when used properly with one of our companion shea butter glosses, Guaranteed 100%"

        LipSense Application Technique Made Easy  

LipSense regular formula is Cruelty Free.  LipSense has No animal emulsifyers, zero animal by-products and there's no petroleum in it.  LipSense, along with all of our other products, are never, ever tested on animals. Our Shea Butter Glosses do not have bee's wax in them, so they are cruelty-free too,  perfect for anyone who prefers to use cruelty-free color cosmetics.

There's no Lead and No Wax  LipSense. The company's founder, Joni Rogers-Kante, created her company with our environment in mind,
so there's no wasteful packing or pretty boxes (that you throw away!) for marketing purposes. We're okay with that!

LipSense is used by many celebrities and well-known entertainers here in the USA and around the world ~  we now have distributors in 17 countries!  The list is long but popular celebrity clients include long-time user Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Zhang Ziyi, Victoria Justice, pop singer Lauren Winans, Dot Jones from Glee, and a few famous YouTube Makeup Gurus that you may know like Kandee Johnson and Koren Zander.  Scroll down and check out the videos from Kandee and Koren!


This is pop singer Lauren Winans who designed her own custom LipSense shade in 2013 called, "Luv It", named after her new hit single

  email us with any inquiries regarding shipping locations or costs, products, our distributor opportunity, signing up for a pro account, retail accounts and set up, shades selection and orders.  Our Client Services Angel will get back to you generally the same day during business hours, Monday through Friday, PST. 

We don't just want customers, we want raving fans!

"When you own your own business and augment your shop and services with retail products that everyone loves, you make money!  It was time for me to thrive, not just survive and as soon as I met Kelly and discussed my  business model and ideas with her, it was a match made in heaven. LipSense in my studio is bringing clients back with their girlfriends so not only has my services menu increased, but so has my retail sales -- this is a no-brainer!"  ~ Adriana Proud, Bella Bella, Las Vegas

  Celebrity Makeup Artist, Kristofer Buckle Loves LipSense!   He was a Valentine Day guest on the Martha Stewart Show this year and during his spot, thousands of viewers watched as he shared his love for LipSense when he demonstrated a quick makeup look on his own sister.

Kristofer is a makeup artist to popular stars such as Avril Lavigne, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Renee Zellweger, Sharon Stone, Victoria Secret Angel Models, JayLo, Angelina Jolie, Gweneth Poltrow, and Demi Moore.

His work has graced the covers of major magazines like Allure, Lucky, Marie Claire, Vogue, Rolling Stone (as seen at the top), Harpers Bazzar, and most recently, i-D.
Watch the Martah Stewart Clip here!  
Click Here

Kristofer says, "To prevent messy smears ...choose a long-lasting lip formula.  Try SeneGence LipSense in Blu Red, a
favorite of Christina Aguilera's (The photo to your right is the work of Kristofer for Christina's BIONIC Album Cover and she is wearing LipSense Blu Red)>>>  "It’s a semi-permanent lip product that will last up to 18 hours. For best results, pick a shade of red that’s the opposite of your skin tone to avoid looking muddy. If you have a warm complexion (golden or olive skin tones), choose a color with a cool or blue undertone. If you have cool or pink undertones to your skin, choose a lipstick with a warm or orange undertone." 

    LipSense at the Oscars again in 2013

Top left photo is poker champion Heidi Northcott wearing popular LipSense shade, "Sheer Berry" and to the right is Kandyse McClure from Battlestar Galactica wearing "Praline Rose". To the left is gorgeous Claudia Lee from Hart of Dixie with "Pomagranate" and below is the famous Kate Linder from the long-time soap, The Young & The Restless - Kate has on my own personal signature shade, "Kelly's Krush", a mauve-pink high mica, custom designed by me! (brag)


I had the honor of working on this commercial as the Lead Makeup Artist and experienced an amazing (and long) day with famous LA Director, Jane Hepburn, as well as many other talented individuals from her team and mine. Check out Jane's reel at  The actress is Miss Tian Wilynn, so gorgous and sweet and super fun to have worked with.  In the commericial, Tian is  wearing 100% SeneGence color cosmeseuticals and LipSense lipcolor: Base/Foundation, powder, blusher and contour, brows enhancement and shadows. As you watch the "Behind the Scenes" video below, I will attest that her makeup lasted the entire 16 hour shoot day!  A lot of work for a 30 second commercial but worth it because Tian proves that there's nothing like our Patented long-lasting makeup and lip color.  The only touch-up we did was powder and gloss and if you doubt me, just message Tian from her Facebook page!  Email me to to find out exactly what shades of SeneGence cosmetics and LipSense she's wearing.
Celebrity Lipstick and Red Carpet Makeup  
Is proud to offer LipSense® and SenseCosmetics TM by SeneGence International, a truly amazing line of Semi-Pemanent lip colors, cosmetics and cosmeseuticals with Patented Technology so your make-up stays on all day or all night.  LipSense is adored by thousands of women all over the world and once you try it, you'll never go back to traditional, waxy lipsticks.  We offer a 100% Guarantee so there's no reason not to try LipSense!  ORDER HERE
Get Addicted. With over 60 stunning shades to choose from and literally hundreds of custom-color possibilities by combining and layering different shades of LipSense. Once you try it, I promise you: You'll never go back to slippery, short-lived, traditional lipsticks that stick to your teeth and dry out your lips and may contain unknown waxes and possibly, lead.

Yes, it's true! Christina Aguilera wears LipSense and has since 2005. Her most popularly used shades are Blu Red and Cranberry with Pearl Gloss and to this day, she continues to be a LipSense client, still wearing it all the time and still bragging about it in interviews and magazine articles.  Every time I watched The Voice, she had it on.
Here's the latest!  Check out THIS POPULAR BLOGGER'S INSIGHT from the New York City launch of LipSense in September 2013 ~ CLICK HERE
And, here's Ms. Aguilera in the January 2012 edition of 
 of Ladies Home Journal

And again in Marie Claire where she claims Cranberry LipSense as a favorite:  

She says,
"If I'm feeling creative at home, I'll throw on red lips because it makes me feel good." 

Here's another feature in 
Allure and when Ms. Aguilera was asked, "Do you get glam every day?"  her reply was, "I can be at home in sweatpants, and I'll slap on red lipstick to write in my diary. LipSense in Blue-Red always seems to do the the trick. It's kissproof." 

By the way, Ms. Aguilera has never been paid to tell the world how much she loves our products.

And that's not all because our products are featured all over the world in major magazine, the press and in the media! You can find reviews by popular YouTube MUA guru Kandee Johnson and articles written by in several well-known beauty blogers --  Take a look!
Good Stuff
 No Animal Testing 
on any SeneGence or LipSense products, ever. LipSense must be shaken before use which means it does not contain any synthetic moisturizers or animal-by-products, and does not have wax products or harmful lead.  Be sure to Read this article from a popular Vegetarian & Vegan Beauty Blog that talks about LipSense and our companion Shea Butter glosses.  Just Out:  PETA removes Avon, Mary Kay and Estee Lauder from cruelty-free list --Read Press Release here.

Additionally, SeneGence cosmeseuticals contain a large amount of naturally-recurring natural ingredients, and are formulated with nothing but FDA-approved ingredients.  All products are made in the USA within cGMP compliant manufacturing facilities for tight control and the company does not use any wasteful packaging for marketing purposes or shipping. 

This is Recording Artist and Songwriter, Bethany Paige. Isn't she stunning?  Also a LipSense lover and Celebrity Lipstick client, wearing one of my favorites, "Praline Rose", a shade that looks great on just about everyone. 

As a professional singer, I've been looking forever for a lipstick that would be microphone, sweat and sing-proof and I have found it! I love this stuff - the colors are beautiful and they stay put, a great product for actors, singers, dancers. Two Thumbs Up Kelly!"   Bethany Paige, Memphis

and her songwriter husband Kevin have released five CDs that include country music, Christmas favorites, beautiful Christian worship and original songs they've written together. Please
visit their website

Over 50 Shades of Lip Color. The possibilities are endless since all LipSense lip colors can be layered with other shades for a custom match to suit your outfit or your mood. Take a look at all the stunning choices we offer and choose one of our luxurious companion Shea Butter Glosses: Pearl, Glossy Gloss or Matte for a Glamour, Retro look. We've also got pretty Shell Gloss that offers just a hint of sheen and Mica or request an irridescent Diamond and Pearl, Pink and Gold, Ooh la la!

"LipSense doesn't dry out my lips or crumble like other popular products I've used in the past. No other long-lasting lipstick brand has as many shades as LipSense either -  I love it and I'll never use anything else!"-
Carmen Diaz, Actress & Author and Celebrity LipSense VIP Client

Kandee Johnson, Professional Celebrity Makeup Arist.  Kandee's also a Celebrity Lipstick VIP Client and is considered one of the top MUA Gurus on YouTube. She's got a large collection of LipSense and SeneGence products and has featured LipSense and ShadowSense in quite a few video reviews. Her most popular are her Bollywood Look and a Carrie Underwood inspired look, and Kandee named LipSense as one of her "Top Ten Favorite Lipsticks" and "What's in my Purse".  

Here's a photo I took of Kandee wearing Blu Red Lipsense, one of her favorites that really makes her teeth look white!  She also likes many of our lighter pinks and nudes and is crazy about our Sandstone Pearl Cream-to-Powder eyeshadow.  In 2009, Kandee was a guest workshop instructor and speaker at a SeneGence International Leaders Conference held in Dana Point, California and she was a hit, just as sweet and beautiful in person as she is in her videos. Thanks Kandee!

Kandee's been featured in 
Elle and Glamour and has had a couple great interviews with a TV Blog Show.  Since there's really too many to mention here and Kandee's got so much talent to share, I encourage you to meet her on her YouTube Channel and visit her Blog

Note:  Pink Lemonade and Creamy Pink have been discontinued and have been replaced with similar shades like Army Pink and Fleur de Lisa.  Peaches n' Creme can be used alone or as a base coat to lighten dark lips or layered with other shades of LipSense to "pop" your pout.  You must use a companion Shea Butter Gloss for me to guarantee all-day stay. Please call or email me  if you have any questions about any product before you buy  because we only want happy customers! 
Click on Photo for Video
Meet Koren Zander, Pro Make-up Artist. Also known as "Enkore Makeup", Koren is another popular YouTube beauty guru who's done a great job of not only reviewing LipSense, but also demonstrating proper application and ingredients (both LipSense & our Gloss). Koren shows five popular LipSense shades: Fuscia, Pink Ice, Sheer Berry (my fav), Cocoa and Persimmon plus Pearl Gloss. This review is a direct result of my MUA friend, Debi, who originally sent Koren our product as a gift. Koren's a character and offers truthful and thorough reviews, so please visit his YouTube channel and enjoy all his fun videos! He know a lot about makeup too.

                                "Indulge your Inner Glamazon with LipSense!"

"Have you ever watched a wedding scene in a movie and wondered how, after the bride kisses the groom, her bright red lipstick is still perfectly in place? It could be the magic of the movies, but it could be LipSense by Celebrity Lipstick!

LipSense, the premier product of SeneGence International, is a unique paint-on lipstick and lip gloss that stays on all day. Since its' launch in the Spring of 1999, LipSense is used by hundreds of professional make-up artists, famous celebrities and others in the entertainment industry. (Christina Aguilera combined Cranberry and Blu Red, topped with Pearl Gloss for her wedding day.)  There are over fifty colors to choose from. I used Mauve Ice, a pretty, violet berry shade.

LipSense comes with detailed, yet easy-to-follow directions for use and if you follow them correctly this lipstick will last through breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its no wonder LipSense is used by swimmers, golfers, tennis players, cheerleaders and even the Rockettes
!"  -- Leanne Sabato , Owner of Cosmetiholic, a popular blog &beauty addiiction site

Glamonomics.  Bottom line these days is "Glam-for-less" and SeneGence answers the call. The demand for high quality, yet affordable beauty indulgences is just not an option any more. The value of LipSense is truly amazing ~ one tube of LipSense lipcolor can last you for up to six months because you only apply it once a day and if you have two shades, you're looking at an entire year before you have to purchase again. $22 goes a long way here.
Are you a Professional MUA? Impress your clients and build your business with all of our long-lasting cosmetics by signing up for a pro distributorshipNot only do we have over 50 shades of lip color, but we've also got semi-permanent, water-resistant and sweat-proof foundations, concealers, blushers, eye shadows (matte & mica), eye Brow liners, eye liners and mascaras.  All our creme, color cosmetics are blendable and in particular, our eye shadows serve as an outstanding base for layering other products and colors. Once it's on, it's on: Non-comedogenic and no need for touch-ups, perfect for Brides, long days on set with models, actresses, dancers, stage performers, photo shoots, tv, runway, promotions or any event, indoors or out,  that requires long-lasting makeup.
 Maria Foster,  Celebrity Makeup Artist, UK

Click on Maria's photo and watch a video of her endorsement of LipSense Creamy Pink and Pearl Gloss!  Maria's been in the beauty industry for many years, having studied at a leading makeup artist academy in London. She's got a passion for people, color and creativity and her work is well-known in the business. I'm honored that Maria is a personal friend of mine, having stayed with us here in So Cal while updating her professional portfolio in Los Angels working with several greats in the modeling industry to include the well-known Ford Modeling Agency. Maria's up to nine Zuca bags now, packed with makeup from all over the world - think about how much fun that was to go through while she was here!

Maria is a regular at celebrity and red carpet events, working with well-known celebs such as actress Hofit Golan and Playboy Bunny Shira Jones. She was also the #1 Lead MUA at London's Fashion Week in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and regularly works fashion shows and parties hosted Mr. Richard Austin Rees. Watch for Maria's name in movie credits, most recently  "Sherlock Holmes".  Follow her on Facebook, tagged as Maria Foster Mua.

"I adore Kelly, she is a brilliant make-up artist and introduced me to SeneGence Long-lasting Eyeshadow. My TV Make-up Man Clayton uses Sandstone Pearl to brighten my eye area and make the whites of my eyes look whiter! A another favorite is Red Cherry LipSense with a Highlight of Pink Glitter Moisturizing Gloss over it right at the center of my lips! I an addicted Fan and wear SeneGence on Camera & Off!"   ~ Miss Kitty Claus, Televison and Radio Personality

, the premier product of
 SeneGence International, is used by literally thousands of clients now, all over the world. Since its' launch in the Spring of 1999, our client base has gained increased popularity and now includes hundreds and hundreds of professional make-up artists, several famous celebrities and many other women (and men!) involved in the
entertainment industry. Our products really work!

Amazing stay-power LipSense is worn by the Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders as well as many other professional women athletes to include gorgeous female bodybuilders, and competitive sports and dance teams. LipSense always stands up to sweat and long days in the hot sun or during workouts and strenuous, physical activity.  Not only do I cater to entertainers, but I have lots and lots of clients that are swimmers, golfers, tennis players, runners, Jazzercisers, Curves junkies, power walkers and boot camp enthusiasts.

Here's a photo of the Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders all wearing Blu Red LipSense
, a perfect example of how awsome this product really is and it shows how great this shade looks on quite a few different skin tones!
Did you know that the Cast of Friends love LipSense too: Jennifer Aniston likes Dusty RoseLisa Kudro wears Sheer Pink and Courtney Cox uses Sheer Berry. While on location at Adam Sandler's hit movie, Bedtime Stories, I personally saw Courtney Cox apply her LipSense lip gloss several times and she dabbed a little on her daughter, Coco!

                  LipSense has also been featured in these popular magazines:    





 Loretta Swit, Ambassador 

Remember Major Margaret  "Hot Lips Houlihan from the hit series, M*A*S*H? When she discovered LipSense, she loved it so much that she became an Amba
ssador for SeneGence and an Independent Distributor. True story: Loretta's an animal rights advocate and as soon as she discovered that SeneGence products are never tested on animals and have good-for-you natural ingredients, she signed up as a Distributor.  She's still gorgeous, inside and out!

Rumor has it that celebrities like Barbara Walters, Katie Couric and Leslie Stahl love LipSense too
. Who wouldn't want lip color that stays on all day and doesn't dry out your lips?   

"The incredible, long-lasting color technology of LipSense does not fade or feather  and provides a 100% Mechanical Shield, protecting your lips from the harmful UVA & UV rays of the sun, bacteria, pollution and free radicals" -Joni Rogers-Kante, CEO & Founder of SeneGence International 
All LipSense Glosses contain Shea Butter, a natural, moisturizing & healing ingredient used in hospitals to heal burn victims. LipSense glosses are what "seals" in the color for all-day stay and is what keeps your pout moist and in good health. No more dry lips!

Take a look at the over 60 lip color shades of lip color we have, WoW!  

There's a lot more to SeneGence than just LipSense lip colors! SeneGence also makes semi-permanent eyebrow liners, eye liners, mascaras, traditional and creme-to-powder eye shadows, blushers, concealers and foundations that won't budge either. Plus, they've got skin and body care products that have spectacular results. Tab over to my Products page and see what you're missing.

We ship to anywhere in the USA and often, same day.  I'm well-known by my clients for personalized service because I care about every order and I care about every customer. It's all about the customer experience and we keep going and we keep growing because of you!  
I'd love for you to become my VIP client and you can, just by signing up below for Specials and Discounts not found anywhere on the website.

My personal customer base includes many celebrities and professional make-up artists. I cater to those in the theater and dance because SeneGence cosmetics don't come off during the performance even with the challenges of long days and nights, hot stage lighting and the sun, sweating and wardrobe/hair changes. Our products are also very popular for those who specialize in Bridal Make-up, photo shoots, runway and catwalk, red carpet events, film and tv due to the staying-power of all cosmetics. 

Are you a vintage or a retro Bettie? You're going to love my Reds. 
Check out our
Testimonials page and see what my customers have to say about our products and outstanding Customer Service which is why Celebrity Lipstick is always on top. You'll see LipSense and Celebrity Lipstick at car shows, roller derby bouts, swing dances, tattoo and piercing studios and affiliated with many top pin-up photographers and the makeup artists and stylist they work with. 

        "We have created a Service Culture that gives much more than our customers expect,   consistently.  We don't just want customers - we want raving fans!" - Kelly Robertson

You'll find LipSense & SeneGence cosmetics and body care in salons, spas and beauty supply shops all across the country because it's not difficult to convince skin care professionals how amazing our products are:  Unique, Patented at the ingredient level, FDA-approved, no animal testing, ever.

I also personally work with several parents who have children in the theater and dance because SeneGence cosmetics do not irritate young skin and eyes. Our semi-permanent, non-comedogenic makeup doesn't come off when children rub their eyes, face or mouth (as kids do!).  Read what one mom said recently about her daughter's use of SeneGence eye make-up while participating in a recital, amazing.

      Send Me an email or Call or Text Me on my cell at (951) 317-0125 PST

If you live in Southern California, I can come to you or you can come to me - I'm near the Temecula Valley, Southern California's wine country. If we have distance between us, no problem! Send me a digital photo and a description of your preferences for color or send a swipe of your favorite lipstick color and I'll match it. Or, if you give me an idea of what colors you like, I'll send you a personalized color palette of lip colors, blushers, eye shadows, eye liners, eyebrow liners and concealers. I also have samples of foundation that you can try out for a perfect match to your skin tone and our collection includes many shades for women-of-color.

 "If you've lost touch with your SeneGence distributor, please allow me the opportunity to help you find her and if we don't have any luck, I'd love to be your new SeneGence and LipSense distributor.  My guarantee goes beyond the company's unconditional one year, and I'm not going anywhere because I love what I do!"  


Please contact me immediately if you have any questions about color or product selections.  Please note that I cannot guarantee a moist pout and all-day stay if you don't use one of our companion Shea Butter glossers. Products that are made and formulated together, work together as a system for an optimum experience. Same goes for hair care and skin care too! 

   Feel Free to call my cell (951) 317-0125.

"I look forward to working with you and giving you the gift of SeneGence and LipSense, the products I fell in love with in 1999!"   

                Kelly Robertson,  Authorized SeneGence Distributor in the Royal Court  #159972

                   Lead Makeup Artist for SeneGence International, Company Recruiter and Trainer
                                     #1 in Customer Service - California State Leader
                                         Ms. SeneSynergy 2011, 2012 and again in 2013
   Winner of the 2011 "Kiss Off" Contest, Designer of Custom Lip Color called, "Kelly's Krush"

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